Monday, 22 November 2010

1st blog update!

Eee! My first blogging experience has begun. I hope you enjoy what I have to share and ramble on about!

I will introduce a few things about me, I am constantly wanting and falling in love with new things and feel I have to share some of my great finds with others.

My favourite flowers are carnations and blue roses.
Although blue roses I am waiting to have for a special occasion!

Carnations are one of my Mums' favourite flowers too which is why they are special to me!

I come from Portsmouth by the seaside , south of England but am living in Central London with my boyfriend , and am studying for a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice.

I enjoy what every lady does... including baking, and very naughty baking!

Baby shower cupcakes for a girl !

I also have been inspired by WAH NAILS and MINX and decided to try to be creative myself!

As it's the middle of November and Christmas is approaching I am becoming very overly excited!
I would like to begin with a few festive sparklers to share my excitement , and as I go on I will update with anything that wins my heart and 'Pashion'.

Firstly, look how delicious and cool these cake pops are!

These are baked by 'Molly Bakes' cupcakes in London. Selfridges sell them and they literally are a sell out .. I brought their halloween cake pops that had scary gooey eyeballs on the end... Just gorgeous and so cleverly made!!

One other thing that is getting me excited about Christmas is Florence and the machine's version of Wham's last christmas! Just beautiful... I heard it this time last year and unashamedly play it whether its approaching Christmas or not!!

Here's a link to the devine sounds of Flo!

At the moment I am loving my faux fur scarf and it goes great on my leather biker jacket, my swing coat (here) and even my black oversized cape.

Here I am, by the boats on Port Solent in Hampshire. Here is a new favourite place of mine, where only few small bars and restaurants are!

We've booked our christmas meal here to be able to be by the big tree and watch the boats! I suppose that's drilled into me seeing as I come from Portsmouth and my Grandfather and Uncle are keen fishermen on their boats!
Looking rather chilly but this fur does keep my neck snug!

Coat is from river island

and fur scarf a lovely little £9.99 from H&M!

Money well spent!

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