Monday, 22 November 2010

My mother always says, 'if you think about the item more than once , then you have to buy yourself it'

...this is so true! I always use my Mothers advice and it tends to be on outrageous items of clothing or accessories that I know will not go with many of what's in my wardrobe, however if I leave the item without buying and continue to want it, I then know for sure that I will wear whatever it is and make it a worthy spend!

I did it with my new loves, my gold brogue boots from Urban

This time last year I planned a trip to Hong kong, Sydney and Auckland.
I saved up alot and spent too much especially in Auckland's boutique 'Ruby Boutique'
They sell absolutely beautiful clothes made from such special materials.
Madame Hawke is sold here and I wish it didn't have to cost air fare just to buy what these beauties have.. why can't England have a mini ruby boutique??!?!
   These are two of my favourites from Madame Hawkes current spring summer 10/11 collection!

Just love the girly and delicate pieces that Madame Hawke produce!

Wearing them makes you feel purely elegant and pretty... Can't wait to be wearing my pastel silk dress from their last years spring summer collection again

And here is my well and truly loved Madame Hawke dress that I am eager to wear again next summer!

I know its winter and as much as I am excited about Christmas and I do love dressing up in winter warmers,my boyfriend is off to sun it up in Thailand for 3 weeks after Xmas and thinking about it , I am missing a suntan and the feeling of hot sunshine pressing on my cheeks. So, in the midst of the season confusion and excitement I found a gorgeous nautical bikini by BEACH BUNNY swimwear!

How gorgeous is this...

Hmmm... need to get in shape in time I think..
but right now all food appears like this to me....

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